About us

HCC was founded by Sven Tops and Ilse Cassiman aimed to create the most cost-effective international market access and HEOR consultancy company. Due to the high complexity of HTA processes on an international scale, HCC collaborates in partnership with other experienced professionals across markets and scientific disciplines.

Founding Managing Director Sven Tops holds master's degrees in Health Economics. He worked during eight years in a pharmaceutical sales and marketing position followed by 12 years as Market Access Manager and Director of a global Pharmaceutical company.

Senior partner Ilse Cassiman holds a master's degree in hospital sciences and is a highly skilled medical writer and systematic literature reviewer.

Sven has held numerous relevant memberships, amongst them ISPOR Leadership Group on HTA and Good Research Practices for reimbursement decisions.


HCC has significant market access and HEOR experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiology, neurology, orphan disease, oncology, dermatology and immunology, Gene and Cell therapy. We have in depth knowledge in the fields of:

  • Market research
  • Medical writing
  • Health economics
  • Budget impact analysis
  • Innovative contracting
  • Complex stakeholder management (academic and institutional e.g. healthcare insurers and governments)
  • Payer research and mock negotiations
  • Delphi panel research
  • Cost research
  • Core Value Dossier development
  • Pricing research

To be able to reach out to your global and local goals we have established a partnership with AESCULAPE.


Accessing and growing in the challenging field of drug and medical device development requires expertise and deep knowledge of the local and global opportunities and markets. To be able to offer you a full and tailored service HCC and AESCULAPE CRO, two experienced consultancy companies in the healthcare and drug development sector, are now joining forces.

HCC and AESCULAPE CRO: best of both worlds

Both companies combine their efforts and expertise to offer you a roadmap to commercial success in your industry, whether it’s pharma, biotech or medtech. The integration of new ways of processing Clinical Research into new market access (MA) needs like RWE and Pay for Performance managed entry agreements leads to a complete and holistic HTA process preparation.

Thanks to our long experience and deep knowledge of Market Access and pragmatic and innovative clinical research (phase I-III and RWE/observational trials) you can count on the most accurate guidance and counselling for HTA submissions.

Working with us

Choosing HCC and AESCULAPE CRO as a strategic partner shows that you understand the need for a more holistic approach in pragmatic and innovative clinical research and Market Access processes.

Needless to say that our broad synergetic expertise offers you a unique insight in both clinical trial development and MA & HEOR operational activities like the development of Core Value Dossiers, HEOR, pricing research. Through smart clinical trial management and reflecting on the growing need for RWE in potential Pay for Performance agreements we anticipate to future Market Access hurdles and Payer needs.

You are looking for an experienced partner helping you to bring your innovative medical solutions to patients? Please feel free to contact us for all information and advice. We are looking forward to work with you!

Dr. Jean-Paul Deslypere: CEO AESCULAPE CRO

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 0032492735931

Website: https://www.aesculape.com

Sven Tops: CEO HCC – Healthcare Consultancy Market Access & HEOR

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 0032497594045

Website: https://www.hcc-healthcare.be/en/


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