About us

HCC was founded by Sven Tops & Ilse Cassiman with the ambition to become the most cost-effective consultancy organization in Market Access. Because of the high complexity and different needs in different countries with regard to Market Access processes, HCC cooperates with professionals with relevant experience in each of the markets and scientific disciplines.

Founding Managing Partner Sven Tops holds 2 Master's degrees: Physical Education and Health Economics. He worked for 8 years in a Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing function and for the last 12 years as a Market Access manager / director with a team of 4 managers. In this role, he was involved in international payer research and Value Messaging and has submitted many price and reimbursement files and contract negotiations in Belgium and Luxembourg. He was also a member of the Belgian Pharma.be Taskforce Market Access, member of the ISPOR Leadership Group on HTA & Good Research Practices for reimbursement decisions, representative of Sanofi in the working group on the Belgian guidelines for pharmacoeconomic research and project leader in Sanofi for the "Payer Stakeholder Management" working group: how to better approach payers and their influencers in order to get better market access ". Sven has relevant Market Access experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas: diabetes, cardiology, neurology, orphan disease, oncology, dermatology and immunology. During his career he generated in dept knowledge in:

Market research

Medical writing

Health economics

Budget Impact analysis

Innovative contracting

Complex stakeholder management (academical and institutional eg sick funds and governments)

Payer research and Mock negotiations

Delphi panel research

Cost research

In his role as a Market Access Director he has gained experience in the dynamics of management and business needs, an asset in complex internal strategic discussions.

Senior partner Ilse Cassiman holds a master's degree in hospital sciences and is well trained as a medical writer and systematic literature reviewer.