Interest in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) has grown exponentially as governments and other payers grapple with how to provide the best possible health outcomes at affordable costs. At HCC, we believe that every healthcare decision should be based on world-class scientific research that uses rigorous and proven methodologies. With this goal in mind, our mission is to promote HEOR excellence to improve decision making in the best interest of global health. 

Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) in practice

How to manage limited resources requires careful consideration. The demand for better healthcare across the globe means that economic decision makers often face the dilemma of having to select which therapeutic interventions to support from a variety of options. The cost of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare services and other such interventions can vary dramatically, as can their benefits, be they economic, clinical or both. Costs and benefits can also be difficult to measure, particularly when related to the overall patient experience. HEOR can help healthcare decision makers - clinicians, governments, payers, patients, and more - to adequately compare and choose among the available options.

By definition, HEOR should reflect the reality of a given disease and its treatment. Clinical trials often lack, however, the right inclusion and/or exclusion criteria, outcomes, and timeframe to inform cost effectiveness, cost benefit and other health economic analyses. Clinical trial patients also often have different characteristics to real life patients, and this can lead to different outcomes. To increase the evidence for a given treatment in situations where clinical trials do not fully take into account the entire patient population, real world evidence (RWE) research becomes vital.

As part of our HEOR platform, we perform sensitivity analyses to investigate uncertainties and their impact on economic outcomes. 

In order to provide a fully comprehensive health economics model, we undertake additional RWE research consisting of face-to-face interviews with key opinion leaders, caregivers and patients. We are also able to organise advisory boards and Delphi panels, and instigate observational studies, registries and other post-marketing studies.

HCC and its partners are committed to undertaking HEOR to the highest technical standards with a pragmatic approach that also reflects the real world. In doing so, decision makers benefit from complete, relevant and realistic data enabling them to make rational decisions based on fact.

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